Joia Brasil — 15th Edition

Fasano - Londra — April 9th, 2014
Ana Clara Herrmann

Most important national jewelry exhibition. Joia Brasil, organized by curator Anna Clara Herrmann, debuted in 2002 and produced its 15th edition on April 09 at the Hotel Fasano - Rio de Janeiro, with great success of public and media.

Presented their collections: Laja Zylberman to Sara, Francisca Bastos, Paola Trindade Shirley and Carol Sobotka to Sobotka & Co., Leilah Costa, Nelusha Araújo, Carlotta Carvalho and Silvia Neri for Carlotta, Daniel Steinbruch for Luna Deluxe, Carla Buaiz, Leandro and Daniel Maliki for Alessia, Gianfranco Cacciola and Antonia Oliveira for Gaudia, Julieta Pedrosa for Julie Joias Brasileiras and Lisi Fracchia.

Joia Brasil has the design as a key element in the concepts of fashion, beauty, business and each issue goes to strengthen this philosophy.