Joia Brasil — 16th Edition

IDA/ArtRio — September 10th to 13th, 2015
Ana Clara Herrmann

JOIA BRASIL was created by curator Anna Clara Hermann to promote Brazilian jewelry. Anna Clara believes design is a key element of fashion, beauty, art, and business, and each JOIA BRASIL event seeks to strengthen this philosophy.

In 2015 celebrated 13 years with 16 national editions and 10 international exhibitions. Joia Brasil exports success: Editions at Liberty, London; Birks, Toronto and Montreal; Arthmosphere in Palm Beach; Printemps in Paris; three presentations in Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival and at BrazilFoundation Gala in New York. See the international editions by clicking here. This year, for the first time, JOIA BRASIL participated in the IDA - Rio Design Fair at ArtRio, featuring the designers: Abner Salutiano, Anna Vivacqua, Bia Vasconcellos, Francisca Bastos, Gianfranco Cacciola, Isabella Escudero, Joyá, Leilah Costa, Lidice Caldas, Lucia Lima, Luisa Schröder, Nelusha Araujo, Nely Mazorra, Voya, and Yara Figueiredo.

3D o f the stand
Mario Santos project

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IDA catalogue